A simple hourly reminder to vote for Babymetal \m/.


  1. Use the link below to visit poll and submit your votes.
  2. Leave this tab open in your browser to receive an alert when you can vote again.

by /u/HanabiOAgeruNo and /u/kainashiCZ

Where is the poll?

I decided to hide poll by default to encourage voting on Loudwire website. Please, read the reason below:

We do not have permission from Loudwire to embed their poll in this tool and I am afraid, that if there would be big difference between traffic on Loudwire site and number of votes, BABYMETAL could get disqualified.

Thank you for understanding my reasons

I understand, however I still want to use embedded polls
Hide poll

Pictures for visual notifications were made by M383 and _ZEN_ who were kind enough to give us permission for use.

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If you have any requests, feel free to contact us on reddit!